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Bala Beeram has been selected to contest the Kelston electorate for National at the 2017 General Election. 

Mr Beeram, of Indian descent, currently works as a scientific analyst for AsureQuality. He holds a Masters in Chemistry, and with his wife of 22 years is a proud dad of a 16-year-old daughter.

“This is a great honour for me to be chosen by National to stand in my home electorate of Kelston,” Mr Beeram says.

“The Kelston electorate is a magnificent part of Auckland. It’s full of so many hard-working families of all ethnic backgrounds, all who are proud Kiwis no matter how long they’ve been here.

“I share their aspirations and know what it takes to get ahead. I’m running for National because it is the only party that is focused on growing the economy, building for future growth, and helping families and businesses most pressured by change. 

“Kelston deserves a strong National voice in a united Bill English-led team that has got New Zealand back on its feet, got people into jobs, got back into surplus, and tackled natural disasters.

“I’m looking forward to running a strong and energetic campaign in Kelston, focused on important local issues like more housing, better transport, improved schools, accessible healthcare, all underpinned by a growing economy that benefits everyone.” 


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