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Bala Beeram has been working as a Supervisor for a Food and Pharmaceutical testing company. He has been living in Avondale for the last 21 years, he lives with his wife of 25 years and his 19-year-old daughter.

He comes from a background in agricultural farming and his parents are still working as farmers today. He graduated from Bhopal University, in India, with a Masters in Chemistry and worked as a chemistry teacher for a secondary school in India.

Bala moved to New Zealand in 1999. He is an active member of the Telugu community in New Zealand and was President of the New Zealand Telugu Association for a term. He is still involved with the New Zealand Telugu Association and Telangana New Zealand Association, helping to organise events and meetings.

Bala contributes significantly to his local community. He has organised a tree plantation program, blood donation events, fundraisers for cultural activities, and a major badminton tournament to name a few.